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"Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind"


"Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind"



This will never cease to be hilarious.

High five to the writers for giving Ryan a girlfriend in season 1 and then keeping her the same person for the entire series. (at least, I like to think she is Jenny throughout the whole series. I know Jenny is named as his girlfriend in episode 2x02)



Things that Stana had taught me…

H: Humility will get you far.

The second gif, what is that from? I’ve never seen it! Btw, Stana is such a wonderful person!


The real plot line of 30 Rock.

duolingo is hilarious and so fun. i now know how to say “your duck eats bread” in french. halfway to fluency!

Anonymous said:
why do you hate scarlet johannsen?  

because she is the literal worst. i used to really love her like 3 years ago (bc i’m shallow and she’s hot,) but this year she has really revealed herself to be a huuuuge asshole.

1) she is affiliated with/ a sponsor for sodastream, which is some dumb appliance where you make your own soda. problem is, it’s an israeli company whose factory is on illegal west bank territories.

1a) at that time she was also an ambassador for oxfam (an organization that fights poverty and injustice internationally.) oxfam was like, hey scarjo, this soda shit is not acceptable. and scarlet was like, okay, i quit. bye oxfam.

so basically scarlet values money and/or zionist ideologies as more important than human rights.


remember when dylan farrow wrote that open letter? at the end of it she called out several actors who have worked with her father/rapist, and she listed scarjo as one of them. scarlet’s reaction to this was to say how “irresponsible” it was for dylan to do so. and how it really messed up her google alerts. (not even kidding … yes, she admitted she has google alerts on herself and she thinks they’re more important than a rape victim speaking out.)

not done yet … in that same interview she said the situation is “all guesswork” and referred to abusing children as a “lifestyle.”

in conclusion: she is terrible.