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Good morning, young Daily Show.


Good morning, young Daily Show.


Need To Know deleted scene 2 (Castle)

Anonymous said:
What did you think of the season six bloopers? It honestly felt like they were trying way too hard and it just made everything awkward. The slapping thing is old, and it felt like they were forcing Nathan trying to convince people how awesome he is.  

yeah, i’m over the slapping/firefly references. it was all awkward to me. (but other people still love that so?) the whole thing was just the boys being dumb. (and i love them, but it’s been six years …) not enough stana, not enough of any of the women really.

i feel like last year’s was more natural and funny. how are they trying to tell me they had only 35 seconds of that weirdo stana in a 6 minute video? she is basically a walking blooper reel.

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Anonymous said:
"I basically feel like it’s a thing that exists in reality and completely ignoring it makes it feel more awk" Are you actually Stana or Nathan? Because that's exactly what these idiots have done. Like, I couldn't care less if Stana and Nathan actually hate each other, but I can't imagine them handling this worse. Oh hey, for the first four years lets act like an extension of Beckett and Castle, and then let's not acknowledge each other's existence for the next two years. Should go swimmingly.  

see, i don’t blame them fully, but you know where i do place a lot of the blame? abc, the writers, etc. i 100% think they allow it to affect the way they write the show (can you say “we have to respect the characters’ privacy”?), the way they schedule interviews, photoshoots, etc. a lot of it is also abc completely ignoring this show, but it is clearly not a coincidence that the photoshoots/interviews stopped like 2-3 years ago. i think catering to their whatever is ridiculous. they’re actors, they have PR training, they can figure out how to do an interview together. because having the two romantic leads on a network tv show not do any promo together for several years (especially just as their characters actually got together?) is so much more obvious and weird.

that stuff is just a part of what it is to be on a tv show, and the absence of it all is glaring.

Anonymous said:
Okay so sometimes I don't agree with what you say and whenever I see it on my dash I get mad, but that's what I like. I like to see opinions different from my own. So thanks for that. And I love it when people I follow have different opinions because it makes me think and I really need that.  

yay! i feel the same way. i am definitely 100% for differing opinions and debates/conversations … that’s what’s fun about fandom to me.

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Because we all know what they were thinking.

They gon’ frick.

"Time is the enemy. Sometimes time ends up being a friend though too, cause it forces you to find other ways to get places."
— Stana Katic (x)

Anonymous said:
(In my most sarcastic voice ever) Where are all of the bloopers of scenes where Stana and Nathan are together? It's a shame a certain portion of this fanbase feels the need it ostracize and call people idiots for pointing out the blatantly obvious in Stana and Nathan's "relationship". Also, so many people showing no filter in there tags at the ridiculousness of Mark Polish. Makes me irrationally happy.  

lol. it drives me crazy that nobody really talks about it, and anybody who brings it up is told to stop “creating drama.” if someone is making it one of them versus the other, i get that, that is unnecessary/dumb, but i’ve never done that and i still get shit.

i basically feel like it’s a thing that exists in reality and completely ignoring it makes it feel more awk to me haha. this is a coping mechanism people.